Editor, Daily Nexus,

I read your article headlined, “UCSB Sacrifices Trees, Prepares for Construction” (Daily Nexus, Jan. 6), with interest.

Over Winter Break, I drove onto campus and walked around. I was struck by the changes I have seen since I came here in 1967. The campus has become much more crowded and much less pleasing over the past 36 years. The hodgepodge of buildings in many places is downright ugly. Most of the open spaces have disappeared. It seems we have not only sacrificed trees to new facilities, but also the beauty of the campus itself.

I know a lot of the buildings have gone up on parking lots, but even parking lots provided a semblance of an open space, and at least made it convenient for employees to get to their offices. The question that came to my mind was, “Will the administration not rest until every parking lot is replaced by a building?”