After deciding the date for their quarterly potluck dinner and hearing that their long-awaited T-shirts will arrive next week, the Associated Students Legislative Council got down to business at its first meeting of the quarter Wednesday night.

Leg Council approved four out of five suggested committee member appointments on the agenda and heard comments on budget difficulties from both Executive Director Don Daves-Rougeaux and A.S. Finance Board member Kristen Ditlevsen.

The Committee on Committees (COC) recommended five names for appointment to various positions within A.S. Off-campus Representatives Lance Tackett and Andrea Wells were appointed Leg Council representatives to the COC. Marissa Brown, COC coordinator, acknowledged the work Wells and Tackett have already done on the committee.

“The committee is a lot more effective with them on it. I wanted to say thank you,” Brown said.

Former Leg Council member Scott Talkov was appointed chair of the Committee on Disability Access and chair of the Committee on Public Safety, and Alejandra Luna, also a former council member, was appointed chair of A.S. elections.

Hector Perez’s appointment to the University Center Governing Board was tabled until next week after Off-campus Representative Jared Renfro said he was concerned that not enough of the applicants for that position had been considered equally.

“I know some people who applied and weren’t contacted,” Renfro said. “I want to make sure everyone received an interview.”

Daves-Rougeaux gave a presentation on the A.S. staff’s current projects. After passing around a copy of Gov. Schwarzenegger’s mid-year state spending reduction proposal, Daves-Rougeaux said that the A.S. Administrative Staff will focus this quarter on generating alternative sources of income for A.S. through the programs like the A.S. Bike Shop and A.S. Notetaking Service.

“From a staff perspective, we want to generate interest in our business services to bring some income in to balance out the budget crisis that we’re facing and have been facing for some time,” Daves-Rougeaux said.

Kristen Ditlevsen’s report on the A.S. Finance Board’s recent meeting also focused on the difficulties A.S. is facing due to state budget cuts.

“The [Finance Board] is trying to keep A.S. afloat,” she said. “It’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain programming quality.”

Off-campus Representative Courtney Weaver also announced she will be forming a “Committee to Replace Glenn” to find a candidate to take over the position of former Leg Council member Glenn Wyatt, who was removed in a unanimous vote last fall for not attending meetings.