Editor, Daily Nexus,

I attended the much talked-about debate between Phyllis Schlafly and Anita Perez Ferguson. Among many of the appalling opinions Schlafly conveyed, I was most offended by the way she incorrectly generalized feminists and made “feminist” a dirty word. Throughout the debate, Schlafly called feminists “man-haters” and “pro-abortion.”

Just to clarify, feminists are not “man-haters.” Many of the feminists I know – myself included – love and respect men as their partners, friends and as vital members of our society. Being a feminist is not about retaliating against men, but rather about achieving women’s equality. I’d also like to dispel the term “pro-abortion,” as it is an inaccurate anti-choice device. Pro-abortion absurdly implies that I am for the abortion of every pregnancy, never wanting anyone to be born. Pro-choice is the accurate term, as choice is an essential component to women’s equality.