Here at Artsweek we relish the fact that we are trendsetters, or at least like to think we can spot a fad before it hits the mainstream. Each week we slave away into the wee hours of the morning, like robots, hoping to keep our readers entertained with our witless banter and random thoughts about all things entertaining. Yes, it’s true we capitalize on our ability to get lots of cool, free shit, schmooze it up with rockstars, and then report back to you about it, but this made us realize we would rather just party all the time instead of “work.” We’ve noticed the growing hipness of robots over the past few months and have decided that they are the new “it” thing around these parts. Here the idea was born to fully substitute robots in our place around the office.

However, now our master plan has spun way out of control and the robots, originally programmed to do all our grunt work, have decided they’re tired and want more than just a slice of the fun; they want all of it. Currently, our office has been taken over by these trendy robots, which the rest of the Daily Nexus likes because they’re shiny and only play robotic dance music. So, without further adieu, let us introduce you to the new Artsweek staff, Jessborg 5500, Saratron, and K21 Shallenbotster. In honor of our new fembots, we have included a feature on female robots of the past, just so you know how long lady robots have been rockin’ the scene.