Close your eyes and imagine a typical DP party. Keg stand to your right, D.J. on your left, and straight ahead is a crowd of people standing around yelling, “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” You push through the crowd to see what all the commotion is about and what do you see – two guys going at it. The people yelling around them are all women, who are increasingly becoming turned on as the two men continue their make-out session that becomes more passionate as the crowd cheers them on. Is this a possibility in Santa Barbara? No.

There is a double standard in this society. Why does girl-on-girl action draw crowds filled with hoots and hollers, and turn guys on, while most guy-on-guy action rarely attracts the same attention? The reason for this is because most men believe that they have a chance of somehow joining the two kissing ladies. While most women, on the other hand, don’t always feel that way watching two men make out. The typical response for a heterosexual man is, “Ah man, how can I get in between that,” while the typical heterosexual woman’s response is, “Ah man, he’s taken.” However, that is also the same response a woman gives when she sees a man kissing another woman. Which is a logical response. I mean, what makes anybody think that they have a chance of joining any two people kissing, regardless of their genders? If they are kissing each other, it’s obviously because they wanted to; if you were the one they wanted, they would be kissing you at that time.

However, that still doesn’t answer why women don’t usually get turned on seeing males kissing the way guys do when they see women kiss. It seems as though females are more willing to kiss other females, while males are not. It has become almost mainstream now to see two or three women kissing in public, i.e. Britney Spears, Madonna and Christina Aguilera at the 2003 MTV Music Awards. What has happened is that it is more socially acceptable for women to kiss each other in public than men. My suggestion to this problem is that there needs to more guy-on-guy action going around. Once we see Justin Timberlake, Ryan Phillipe and Orlando Bloom all making out, then we can see some changes happening. Only then will we be able to see male make-out sessions with women shouting at them to take their shirts off at any DP party. Until that day, a girl can only dream.

Stefanie Bautista is the Daily Nexus A.P. wire editor.