Editor, Daily Nexus,

Several articles and opinion pieces have been published in the Daily Nexus recently. I found “Sexy, Sinister Neo-Conservatives” (Nov. 12) by Drew Atkins to be quite funny. The rebuttal opinion piece, written by Bradley Deal on Nov. 17, “Sexy, but not Sinister, Neo-Conservatives Get Things Done,” however, I found to be a terrible article. Aside from bashing an article full of real content, Deal commits a number of logical fallacies and basically insults Atkins and all other “liberal-minded” people in general.

In his article, he poses the question, “What is the United States to do when threatened with blatant hostility?” The answer is not as simple as blowing two impoverished nations straight to hell, though that is the easy way out.

Using this ideology, the U.S. is doomed to die. As it stands, we have made so many enemies that after 9/11, the international community was less then sympathetic.

The only way to end terrorism is to stop it at the source. If George Bush continues his “War on Terrorism,” the only result he is going to get is more terrorism.

Following the liberal establishment, I will say, yes, Bush is an idiot. Aside from not being able to speak correctly and causing an economic recession, I could give you about 50 reasons BASED ON FACTS why Bush is an idiot, but instead I will refer you to Molly Ivins’ book, Shrub – 200 pages of Bush’s idiocy.

My advice to you: Stay in college until you are politically educated enough to smoke “dope” with the democrats.