Editor, Daily Nexus

I would like to address the disrespectful and ignorant article written by Drew Atkins on Nov. 12, “Sexy, Sinister Neo-Conservatives.”

First off, his comments regarding the president of the United States and his administration are downright idiotic.

Drew appears to have absolutely no idea about neo-conservative ideology and his comments lead me to the conclusion that liberal-minded people like Drew have no concept or vision of what it takes to defend a nation and its allies.

Perhaps the liberal establishment could come up with something more intelligent other than “Bush is an idiot.” What a clever statement.

Addressing some of Drew’s shortcomings on neo-conservative ideology and the Bush administration, let’s begin with the concept of pre-emptive warfare. Drew asserts that the neo-conservatives, led by Paul Wolfowitz, are hell-bent on striking Syria and Iran as well as Iraq.

I pose a question to all Democrats and people opposed to the war in Iraq and pre-emptive warfare: What is the United States to do when threatened with blatant hostility?

The fact of the matter is that the neo-conservatives and the Bush administration have taken the fight to the enemy using the most powerful military in history. They have rounded up thousands of terrorists and killed many others.

The previous administration’s answer to the threat of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction was what neo-conservatives would call “pounding sand.”

They launch a few Tomahawk missiles at a few tents, call a press conference in between blow jobs for Bill, and alert the press to how successful they have been in combating international terrorism.

The Bush administration and the neo-conservative intellectuals who advise the president are finally doing something about the threat of terrorism.

If the way to deal with that threat is through trying to remake the Middle East into democratic countries, then that is fine with me. America will not back down to this emerging threat, unless of course you are a liberal or a Democrat.

My advice to you is: Clear the way, the real men and women of this country will take the fight to the enemy while you smoke dope and come up with not-so-intelligent remarks about the president.