The Santa Barbara County district attorney’s office decided last week to file charges against an Isla Vista man who allegedly stabbed his pet Burmese python to death.

Jeffrey Kinsey, 21, will be arraigned Dec. 24 in Santa Barbara Superior Court on three felony counts of cruelty to an animal, a 13-foot snake named Corky. Santa Barbara County Assistant District Attorney Brian Coda said one count is for the torture and stabbing of the animal and another is for neglect. Coda said the animal was found in an autopsy to be severely malnourished.

The third count is for the neglect of a second snake, a dead Argentinean boa found in Kinsey’s freezer during a search of his residence after his arrest May 1.

Kinsey could face a maximum of one year in jail for each of the three counts if found guilty.

“This is the kind of case where the maximum would not be imposed without aggravating circumstances,” Coda said. “Though this case was pretty aggravated.”

Kinsey has said he had no involvement in the death of the python found April 24 in a dirt parking lot on UCSB’s West Campus, but that his python disappeared from his home shortly before that. He said the Argentinean boa appeared sick immediately after he purchased it and died within two weeks.