Editor, Daily Nexus,

As a graduate of UCSB’s class of 1990 and a passionate fan of the men’s basketball program, I’m a little disappointed in the attendance at the Gauchos vs. EA Sports West All-StarsWednesday night game last week: 385 people. I don’t expect the Thunderdome filled to watch a traveling carnival of midgets and below average CBA players, but I think you can do better then half of Campbell Hall.

We have the defending Big West Champions to support – a team with four returning starters and as solid of a bench as I can ever remember. It hasn’t looked this promising in over a decade. I may be mistaken, but aren’t tickets free for students?

Come out this season and support the team. I have no doubts the team will excel and I’m sure they’ll be much more pumped and ready to play with 3,000 plus in attendance than with another small, meager crowd.