Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am writing in response to the Nov. 6 Nexus article, “Frat Discussion Aids Anti-Hazing Efforts” by Kristina Ackermann. This article not only misses the point of what the whole greek system was trying to accomplish, but it is poorly written with editorial biases and misquoted information.

The Inter-Fraternity Council put this forum together in an attempt to be proactive and educate our members on issues ranging from sexual assault, alcohol abuse and hazing. The purpose was to inform members how to be better people, not only in our community, but also society.

Ms. Ackermann’s editorial biases are prevalent throughout her reporting. In the first line, she states that “members gathered in Isla Vista Theater instead of around a keg.” However, the greek system does not tolerate kegs at any of our chapters at any time.

She also misquoted one of the evening’s speakers, Joyce Ester, as saying, “The public needs to know about our parties as much as our philanthropy.” Nice try, Kristina. What Ester actually said was, “The public needs to know our philanthropy as much as our parties.”

However, it doesn’t stop there. Ackermann stated that the “practice of hazing was common practice for fraternity founders, but is no longer acceptable.” Whoops, strike two. All fraternal organizations were either founded on religious principles or brotherhood. No fraternity has ever been formed just because they wanted to paddle younger members.

From an outside view, the greek system has a negative appeal. This appeal has been earned by years of old boy rule and little structure. However, things have drastically changed because the Inter-Fraternity Council, the administration and the members of the greek system have taken steps to become better citizens.

Greek organizations are the only ones on this campus that encourage their members to attend seminars on hazing, alcohol abuse and sexual assault. We mandate community service hours, and the greek system this year alone has raised over $15,000 for local charities.

Greeks on campus make a tremendous amount of difference. It’s time the students on this campus take notice. It’s time for bias student newspapers to see the big picture and understand that we are not drunken fools. Stop trying to be cute in your reporting and give the facts the way they were presented. If you are unable to report correctly, do us all a favor: stop.