Editor, Daily Nexus,

The Psychology Dept. would like to correct the perception that was created in Chandler Briggs’ opinion column (“UCSB’s Secret Night Life: The All-Academic, After-Hours Shindig,” Daily Nexus, Nov. 6).

To state that the Psychology Dept. is “[one] other largely alcoholic area on campus” is unfair and misleading. Our building is directly across the street from the dorms, as well as located on UCen Road, the main thoroughfare to the UCen, where numerous social events serving alcohol take place. The recycling bin in front of our building is the repository for cans and bottles for any number of people walking by.

For Mr. Briggs to imply that our department is drinking alcohol and disposing of the cans and bottles at a rate higher than anywhere else on campus is false. The Psychology Dept. takes great pride in our research and instructional activities, and our faculty, staff and students work hard to preserve our high academic standards.

We would appreciate a retraction by the Daily Nexus regarding the implication that the Psychology Dept. consumes more than its fair share of alcohol.