As I climbed into the seat of my large, yet handy, recycling bicycle early Tuesday morning, I prepared myself for another day picking up people’s newspapers , empty bottles and cans.

As a route rider for Associated Students Recycling program, I show my love by helping this campus stay green. That morning was just like any other morning: foggy, overcast and reeking of on-campus alcohol use. That’s right – little did you know of your TAs’ and professors’ secret late-night parties after the day’s work was finished. At the beginning of each week, I see the evidence of drunken educators, thanks to my sorting through the recycling bins. What is funny to me is that no one can really see who’s being the most jolly on those late nights, when hundreds of papers need to be graded. No wonder you did so well on that terrible paper!

So this particular morning as I went through my route, I came to a gem next to HSSB’s bike racks. It seems like the Global Studies Dept. was having quite the weekend with those wacky religious studies professors: merlot and chardonnay seemed to be the drinks of choice this weekend, although I could point out a few hardcore drinkers in the crowd – noticing several 40s in the mix.

I grudgingly loaded up the bin, completely full of glass, onto my bike and moved on to my next stop.

After working for A.S. Recycling for a few months, covering several different routes, I noticed a trend in those who were a little more “open” to kicking back in their offices. Quite surprisingly, that damn Biology Dept. never seemed to let me down; every week I was up to my neck in beer bottles. Another, yet more obvious, culprit is the Donald Bren School. I suppose grad school is like that – doing research while stumbling around is probably a good idea. Gives it flavor.

One other largely alcoholic area on campus is the Psychology building. Now, this is hard to say, since CCS majors might have a hand in filling up the bins with their enormous amounts of glass bottles. Speaking of which, those bottles are quite heavy; can you picture biking around with hundreds of pounds of glass holding on to your seat?

But I suppose I shouldn’t be complaining about the weight and amount of alcohol glass – after all, it is fantastic that our campus, UCSB, is smart enough to recycle, even when drunk.

Chandler Briggs is a sophomore environmental studies major.