Targetable terrorists and test sheets were the talk of Monday’s Associated Students Finance Board meeting.

Finance Board gave $180 to the Computer Gaming Club for a local area network (LAN) party it is hosting Saturday, Nov. 15. The board also gave $300 to an A.S. Leg Council group project to pay for finals care packages the group plans to give out to students during dead week. Both allocations need to be approved by Leg Council on Wednesday before the groups will receive any money.

The Computer Gaming Club is hoping to provide some playtime for students at the fall quarter LAN party, where gamers can gather to play various games against each other. The gaming club will use the money it received from Finance Board to pay for tables, chairs and an electrician for the event.

“We’re pleased [with Finance Board’s allocation],” UCSB Computer Gaming Club Co-chair Glenn Wyatt said.

With the money it received from Finance Board, the Leg Council Finals Care Packages Group project plans to hand out blue books, pencils, Scantron sheets and small snacks such as granola bars to students during Fall Quarter dead week. Finance Board’s bylaws prohibit the board from giving money to student groups to use for purchasing food. Cervin Morris, a member of the group project, said the money received from Finance Board would only be used to buy blue books, Scantron sheets, and pencils.

“Because of the increase in tuition, it would be nice to give something back to students, and students sometimes forget [to buy blue books and Scranton sheets],” Morris said.

Morris said the group will be distributing the care packages at places where students study, such as the Arbor, the UCen and Davidson Library.

Finance Board’s purse to on-campus student groups has also increased in size. At the Oct. 13 meeting, the board’s agenda stated it had $3,595.82 in unallocated funds. At the next meeting, the agenda was updated with a new total of $7,809.15. Chair Fernando Ramirez said the additional money came from Summer Quarter student fees.

“We got more than we expected [from the summer fees], so we were really happy about it,” Ramirez said.

After giving money to the two student groups, the board now has $6,879.15 in unallocated funds.