Editor, Daily Nexus,

Before addressing Katherine Drabiak’s argument that men can’t handle an assertive female, let me clarify an important point: Despite my accusations against the male species, I indeed like the gender. In fact, I love them, which is why I am so disappointed with their insistence on behaving in a manner described in “Dating Game Puts All of the Cards in Men’s Hands” (Daily Nexus, Oct. 30). For some odd reason, I also love the challenge of achieving intellectual equality – and occasionally proving myself superior. Whether I imagine myself continuing women’s struggle to earn men’s respect or just get a rush from showing up an overly confident male, I merely end up shooting myself in the foot.

Bleeding from the foot and moping during one of those yearning “Why am I destined for loneliness?” moods, I decided to consult several friends, both male and female. One suggested maybe I “dumb down” a little, pretend I don’t know the answer, and another male broke the news that it just wasn’t feminine. So the dilemma stood: carry my intelligence – and subsequent loneliness – with pride, or humble myself before the insecure male. As tempting as it may be during those nights when my only companion is a gallon of ice cream – no, Christina Huff, not every girl resorts to a vibrator – to follow path number two, I will heed Robert Frost and take the road less traveled, even if I walk alone. So while some guys will read this and remark snidely, “Ah, she’s probably just fucking ugly,” I hope others will realize that maybe the confident chick sitting with all the answers in math class isn’t completely in control and call her bluff. Prove me right guys, and don’t stack the deck against us.