Here at Artsweek – make that Artweek (when carving pumpkins, it was decided that the letter “s” is totally out. Deal with it. We’re trendsetters) – the usual Halloween festivities were lined up: bobbing for apples, looking for slutty outfits and getting belligerent. Yet, there was something brewing in the air… something decidedly restless and wholly debaucherous. Before the proper authorities could be called, there was a revolt amongst the Artweek pumpkins. Having sat quietly for too many years, relegated to the front stoop of yet another I.V. dump, only to be smashed senselessly into bits come the wee hours of Nov. 1, revolution had begun. These pumpkins wanted more… wanted to put on their dancing shoes, throw back a tall boy or two and get jiggy with their fellow squash-kind. Can you really blame them? Just like UCSB students, local pumpkins were fed up with being labeled as “triangle eyes and snaggle-toothed smiles” and desperately sought their own kind: Whether hopping over to the decidedly hipster Hard to Find or strolling down to the booty-thumpin’ street of Del Playa, the pumpkins of I.V. wanted freedom on Halloween. Luckily, Artweek photographers were on hand to catch a glimpse of the new face of pumpkin. Be warned, it ain’t pretty.