Beautiful – “having qualities that delight the senses, especially the sense of sight.” Sexy – “arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest.” Webster might have a point there. The nature of attraction is simple. Why does looking attractive for the other sex seem so fucking complicated nowadays?

Over human history, people – predominantly men – have construed the images of what female beauty or sexuality should be. I have visited many countries, and I must say, what men liked abroad is not exactly what they like here. Nor, as I have learned in history class, do men of previous epochs look for what men look for nowadays. Unfortunately, we live in United States of America, 2003 AD.

A rich generation of spenders has bought into the American culture of consumption and a plastic smile seems to have bred a level of fake, silly beauty. (I have a few small shares, nothing long-term though). Global, Occidental and American pop culture, media and the international multibillion-dollar cosmetic industry have marketed an impossible dream to most of their female consumers.

Let’s face it, you are either born like a supermodel or you become bulimic. Unfortunately this image of beauty has created a group of women who believe they are overweight when they are actually beautiful and sexy in the eyes of a plethora of men across the globe.

I am angry when I see girls with a little bit of cellulose on their hip or tummy wearing some tight-ass jeans or some tight-ass warm-ups just to squeeze and cover up what Michelangelo drooled over. . Having fine curves at your torso or even extra weight in your booty is nothing to be ashamed of.

Many men won’t even look at a rumpless girl. You must be well fed, healthy. Many men even like a tummy. Most men I spoke with in Brazil and Spain can’t get enough butt. Their face lights up at the sight of a weighted backside. Most girls understand this. Bravo. May you reside in peace, wearing clothes that fit you. But to those who do not, listen to me.

Go in front of the mirror naked and feast your eyes on the curves or shapes you believe to be unsightly. Now put on those whack-ass little shorts that you think help improve your sexual image. Observe the double roll it creates in your waist or hip. Do you think that is hot? Do you think we see that little puff of flesh or roll of tummy and think, “damn I want a piece of that”? Never! Well, maybe some frat guy who is too drunk to keep both of his eyes focused on your lips would, but we have to assume he doesn’t even know who Michelangelo is. This awkward distortion of natural body shape is also popular with bras. Why?

My humble message: if you have curves, love those curves. So many men do, and have since the dawn of civilization. Globally, you are a gem if you speak English and have a degree from the University California. A shapely and large butt is something to flaunt, not to hide with your sweatshirt nor to tame with your sweatpants. Be exotic as possible. Shake what your mama gave you.

Let clothing fit, and show your true self. America is the most diverse country on earth. Here we have all standards of beauty in one country, not just the one you see on TV.

Wear clothing that accentuates rather than manipulates your curves.

Sam Defranceschi is a senior global studies major.