Editor, Daily Nexus,

Last week I was impressed to find how newsworthy my recent activities have been. I was honored to find not one, but two photographs involving my recent work on the front page of the campus newspaper. I was, however, a bit disappointed to realize that my notoriety was wasted on those not already familiar with my exploits, as my name was conspicuously absent from the caption of either photograph. I feel certain that such omission was unintentional and so I am hastening to remedy the situation.

On Wednesday, a photograph of two students riding a circular bike was prominent on the front page. On Friday, a photograph of high school students constructing a newspaper shelter made the front page as well. I understand that there is no instantly obvious connection between the two stories, but they are in fact closely related, and I’d like to explain how.

As part of the ART/EK high school outreach program, I have been commissioned to interest visiting high school students in college through a hands-on exploration of art and architecture. In addition to having them build with newspaper, I have been showing them an old piece that I built last year, a circular bike, to give an example of college-level sculpture. I am truly honored that my activities have been noticed by Nexus photographers, but I suggest that a small amount of background research before captioning would not have been amiss.

On Wednesday, my piece was moved from the University Art Museum to the UCen without permission, and subjected to some rather reckless riders. I’m glad people were enjoying my bikes, but I would appreciate both credit for their construction and some healthy respect for their moving parts. While I was not around at the time the photograph was taken, it would have required little effort to discover that I was their creator, as the entire art department and several members of the Nexus staff could have provided the information!

The bicycle piece is called “The best circular bike ever made, at UCSB, by a guy whose last name starts with W… or at least it’s in the top ten.” And now you know.

I am grateful to have been given such attention by the Nexus, but I would prefer it had not been in such a roundabout manner.