The Arbor is getting more than a facelift – it’s getting a full-body replacement.

A 4,200-square foot convenience center will appear in the area where the current Arbor store now resides. UCen Director of Dining Services Sue Hawkins said the old Arbor will be torn down and a new building will be put in its place. The current Arbor structure has been closed, and the convenience store portion has moved to a trailer across the walkway pending the completion of the new store. According to the Arbor expansion website, the trailer has served as the store’s location since Sept. 19.

The Goleta-based XA Architecture Company has been chosen for this project. The entire renovation is predicted to take nine to 12 months once construction actually begins, Hawkins said.

“Hopefully they’ll tear down the old building in December,” she said. “I think the [time] range will be good, but I can’t tell you when in that range [the Arbor will be completed].”

Hawkins also said construction on the new building could only begin after the old Arbor has been torn down. The old Arbor is approximately 900 square feet total and offered goods and services such as a 280 square foot convenience store, a self-serve fried chicken service and an adjoining structure which houses ATM machines.

When construction is complete, a new 2,800-square foot convenience store will replace the old one. Negotiations are also being made with Subway and Woodstock’s Pizza in an attempt to open franchises inside the new structure, Hawkins said. A coffee and espresso bar will also be added.

The renovations should cost $1.2 million, Hawkins said. She also said stores around the Arbor will not be affected by the construction and prices at the Arbor should not increase.