Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am writing in response to the distasteful and hardly comedic column I have been reading in the Nexus.

As a freshman I would proudly pick up the Daily Nexus every Wednesday looking forward to Beth Van Dyke’s witty and humorous commentary on sexual encounters. Now, as I pass the piles of newspapers I find only disappointment in Christina Huff’s words of vulgarity. Her column is cheesy and tasteless, and is nothing short of a trashy introductory course to sex ed.

Giving in-depth instruction on the art of sucking dick belongs on the website of Literotica.com, not in the University sex column. However, I imagined more of a comic relief rather than a look into the mind of a nympho. If the aim of this column is to be boastful of one’s sexual indiscretions and whose target audience is the stereotypical drunken college sex maniac, than it has reached its goals.

She does in no way represent the female population on campus, nor do her words pose any insight or relevance on the topic of sexual behavior. We all know how to give a blow job and that porn is as popular and booming as ever, but please tell me something I don’t know.

Huff attempts to depict women’s fantasies and real sex lives, but is not quite hitting the spot. “The general acceptance of women’s healthy and active sex lives” she describes does not necessarily include anal porn and rim jobs. Although I agree with some of her points, I feel she is expressing them in a way that is raunchy and lacks good taste and quality. It is one thing to talk about porn and another to romanticize about the fact that women watch lesbian porn. I feel this column does no justice for women, men, or sex in general.

Don’t get me wrong – I have a great appreciation for eccentric humor; however, this hardly qualifies as such.