Can’t get enough of the sexy, futuristic, android electronica that is Ladytron? Ever daydream that you could get Mira to deejay your party? Well, imagine if the transcendentally hip men and women of Ladytron made you a mix CD with all their obscure faves.

From the shoe-gaze bliss of My Bloody Valentine’s “Soon,” to the post-punk riot of The Fall’s “Hit the Northern part 1”, to the avant-dance-funk of !!!’s “Feel Good Of The Fall”, Ladytron’s “Softcore Jukebox” works double-duty.

First, the album works as an essential primer to underground music (just mention Wire and improve your indie music cred tenfold) as well as the new dance party mix to finally replace the Faint CD that you’ve worn out from overplay.

[Zoe Bower can kick your ass at the Watusi. So don’t fuck her shit up.]