Editor, Daily Nexus,

In the Oct. 8 article “Website Aims to Decrease Prices for Used Textbooks,” you mentioned three major avenues where students could potentially buy new and used textbooks: the UCSB Bookstore, the I.V. Bookstore and ScrewTheBookStores.com. Not mentioned was one I recently discovered, Campusbookswap.com. It’s an online book swap that operates similarly to the website discussed but without a “small-scale fee of $2-3 per transaction,” which we all know can add up.

Campusbookswap.com is completely non-profit and sponsored by CalPIRG, a statewide student organization here on campus with a 30-year track record of getting things done.

If you are looking to save money on textbooks, whether you’re purchasing them for the first time or tired of selling them back for less than 10 percent of what you originally paid, I think that Campusbookswap.com is the best deal around.