Editor, Daily Nexus,

Do you know you look hot in jeans? Do you identify yourself as a queer or queer ally? Then QSU has just the holiday for you!

This Friday, Queer Student Union will be putting on its annual National Coming Out Day rally. National Coming Out Day is the day when the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and allied – or just queer – community celebrates its identity by sharing that identity with friends and family. This event will be held at noon in Storke Plaza, and will feature an open mic where speakers can share their stories and thoughts about coming out, or even to just come out. Also, QSU will have a large poster to sign your name, saying you in someway support the queer community and are happy to be a supporter.

But since bold public statements are not possible for everyone, QSU is holding a “Jeans Day” as well on Friday. What this means is on Friday, anyone who wants to say they support Coming Out Day can do so by simply wearing jeans of some kind – pants or skirts are preferred, though jackets are permissible.

So come out and celebrate with QSU on Friday. Come wearing jeans, and be sure to also head out to the Santa Barbara Pride Festival Friday night and Saturday at “Gay” La Guerra Plaza downtown. For those not ready to join in on the coming out, at least look around on Friday. Count the number of jean clad supporters, and know you aren’t alone.