This recall is costing the state of California $70 million that definitely don’t need to be spent.

Especially not on a sideshow.

And there’s already talk of a new recall campaign to begin if Schwarzenegger takes office. And probably one in answer to that in the very long-range planning stages.

Had Davis renounced his participation with the Democrats, taken entirely new stances on all issues, written legislation in support of human sacrifice to end his energy woes and locked himself permanently in the governor’s residence because of his irrational fear of cats and the female body, he’d be a perfect candidate for recall.

But he didn’t. He just went on being his dull self and not really helping things that much. He also hasn’t caused any new disasters since taking office.

The situation is not that dire.

This is unnecessary. We got the same corpse that we elected.

And he never tried to kill Sarah Conner.

Let’s just try and be civilized so we might get something done, huh?

The Daily Nexus strongly opposes the recall.