Editor, Daily Nexus,

Welcome back, students!

Like you all, many longtime residents of the Santa Barbara area first came here as students. We fell in love with the surroundings and lifestyle, and have been fortunate enough to make a living in this little slice of paradise. We welcome you with open arms and wish you the best of luck with your educational careers.

As your new neighbors, we have a few requests.

Please remember that this is our hometown, and we are very protective of its natural beauty. Please, after a party on any of our beaches, take out what you packed in. Please drive with care on our streets so that our children will be safe. Please respect our open fields and save your four-wheel expeditions for a more appropriate area. Please don’t dump your used couches and other belongings in our neighborhoods. And most of all, if you see fellow students acting irresponsibly, it’s OK to tell them that what they are doing is wrong.

Thanks for helping us to keep this a great place to live, and have a great year.