Pirate Lingo

(For more, check out Red Cap O’Brien’s website www.geocities.com/redcapobrien.indexii.html)

– Ahoy: Pirate greeting. “Hello!”

– Arrgh!: A multipurpose pirate exclamation. “Arrgh! Thar she blows!”

– Belay: Stop that. “Belay that talk!” would mean “Shut up!”

– Dead men tell no tales: Standard pirate excuse for leaving no survivors.

– Grog: Generally, any alcoholic drink. Specifically, rum diluted with water.

– Landlubber: Any nonsailor.

– Lad, lass: A way to address someone younger than you.

– Wench: Generally, any woman. Specifically, a serving girl or barmaid.

– Yo-ho-ho: A very piratical thing to say, whether it actually means anything or not.

Pirate Grub & Grog

– Piraat beer: This imported Belgium beer not only boasts a pirate ship and scruffy, knife-wielding buccaneer on the label, but contains 10.5% alcohol – twice that of yer landlubber beer.

– Pirate’s Booty: Indulge ye piratical lust for all things salty with this crunchy, tasty, white-cheddar flavored puffed snack. Blimey! Unlike the Cheetos, these addictive snacks are low in fat so ye can still fit into yer corset!

– Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Rum – Drink up, ye salty dogs and portly wenches! This bevy is pirate-approved!

– Dried fish, salt tack and sea biscuits – The old school pirate grub for ye diehard crusty sailors…

Pirate Fashion Do’s and Don’ts – Pegged Pants, In. Pegged Legs, Out.


– Striped shirts (horizontal stripes, preferably of the black and gray or black and red variety)

– Pegged pants (skinny black canvas or twill jeans, often with cargo pockets to carry yer loot, high-water hem to keep yer ankles dry, ragged hem optional)

– For ye wenches, fishnet stockings, asymmetrical skirts, and waist-cinching corset tops warm the coldest pirates’ hearts.

– Bullet belts, studded belts – pile ’em on!


– Full-sleeved, billowing, frilled pirate shirts (the romance novel associations are atrocious)

– Eye patches (so fashionable, yet so sight-impairing – arrgh!)

– Peglegs (ditch the wood and save a tree)

– Parrots on the shoulder (real birds poop – save this look for Captain Hook)

Pirate Rock – Bands Who Don the Jolly Roger

’60s Garage and ’70s Glam

– Johnny Kidd & the Pirates

– David Bowie

– The New York Dolls – think “Pirate Love”

’77 Punk to ’80s New Romantic Pop

– Sex Pistols (Via Vivienne Westwood’s designs, these British punks introduced the skull and crossbones-emblazoned T-shirts, loose-knit mohair sweaters and, – thanks to drummer Paul Cook – the unattractive deckhand skullcap to the punk fashion vocabulary.)

-The Ramones (This iconic punk band was not only the first to write singalong songs about sniffing glue, but also to make the post-pirate look of ripped jeans, striped tees, beat up Chucks and the shaggy bowl haircut derigeur for punk brats for decades to come.)

– Adam and the Ants

– Dead or Alive (“You spin me right round baby, right round… “)

– Boy George (Please don’t try this look at home.)

’90s Punk to Indie Today

– Flogging Molly – These ale swillers sing a lot more about being Irish than being pirates, but they’ve got a bit o’ the ol’ swashbuckling blood in ’em… and they drink… a lot! Yarrgh.

– The Murder City Devils – With songs about drinking rum and losing your girl to a sailor, MCD is quintessentially rawkus pirate punk (and with the tats to prove it).

– The Black Heart Procession – Spooky haunted pirate ship dirges about broken hearts played on creaky Farfisa organs… what else would you expect from a bunch of emo kids from San Diego?

– The Decemberists – Pretty, melodic indie rock from a Kill Rock Stars band that writes songs glorifying a pirate’s lovelorn life on the high seas. Catch them on tour this summer…