Editor, Daily Nexus,

It’s 1:45 a.m., the bars are closed, and you just got a number from a hottie you’ve had your eye on since Fall Quarter. What a good night! Once you find your friends, you make your way to the parking lot. You are a little tipsy but just fine to drive home – right?

Don’t take the chances. As an intoxicated driver, you are gambling with your life and the lives of others. Enjoy the people, the entertainment, the drinks and the dancing. But party safe – designate a sober driver.

At closing time a few weekends ago, I was standing outside of 634 waiting for some friends. I overheard a conversation between two males and a female. One male said to the other, “I’m drunk as all hell!” The other male said, “I’m just as drunk as he is, but I’ve got a yellow Corvette, so I’m money!” First of all, if he is drunk he should not be driving. Second, his yellow Corvette and its speed are only going to draw attention from the police. Third, he is going to be broke as all hell – and in jail – if he gets a DUI.

Please, think before you drink. If you are in a situation where your driver is drunk, I hope you will have the courage to take the keys from your friend and find yourselves a safe ride home. Take a cab, hop on Bill’s Bus or call a friend.

On May 29, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Students Teaching Alcohol and other drug Responsibility (STAR) is holding its annual Safe Graduation Celebration at the UCen. Join us for some “beer goggles,” DUI testing, remote control cars, a live band and our popular root beer kegs! For all those who have ever been affected by or have cared about the issue of drunk driving, this event is not to be missed.