Editor, Daily Nexus,

This Wednesday, A.S. Legislative Council will vote on a resolution in favor of Assembly Bill 205. For those of you who have not heard of AB 205, this piece of legislation would extend a lot of the rights and responsibilities of legal marriages to domestic partners recognized by the state. These rights would encompass financial support and community property, child custody and visitation, property and housing, health insurance, and protection from marital status discrimination.

We feel that these rights and responsibilities are essential for the well-being and success of any relationship. Furthermore, these rights are taken for granted by many couples who do have access to them. And finally, these rights and responsibilities are not entirely those of marital rights. AB 205 also does not recognize domestic partners from out of state, nor does it provide over 1,000 federal rights and responsibilities offered in legal marriages.

AB 205 would have a positive impact on the lives of many individuals. Not only would queer couples benefit, so would their children. Furthermore, domestic partners not only include queer couples but also many elderly couples who, for financial and legal reasons, also register as domestic partners.

Voting for a resolution in favor of AB 205 would send a strong message to our elected state representatives regarding UCSB’s stance on domestic partnership rights. Recently, our representative, Assemblywoman Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-23rd), who has traditionally been an advocate for queer issues, abstained from a vote in favor of AB 205. It is important for us to let her know that her vote is absolutely crucial.

That said, please feel free to attend this week’s A.S. Legislative Council meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the UCen Flying A room. We are also collecting postcards in favor of AB 205 that will be delivered to Jackson. For more information on AB 205 you can visit www.leginfo.ca.gov or e-mail . Remember, this is an issue of basic human rights for everyone.