Associated Students Finance Board finished the last of its load Monday.

In its final meeting of the year, A.S. Finance Board allocated the last of its funds to three on-campus groups. The board also recommended against the passage of bill being proposed to Leg Council on Wednesday that would shut the public out of next year’s Finance Board discussions.

Concerns about the board’s uneasiness to question groups who come to Finance Board requesting excessive amounts of money prompted Marshall Higa, a member of both Leg Council and Finance Board, to write the bill. He said if Leg Council doesn’t approve it, he still hopes a bill similar to it is passed in the future.

“I hope something like this passes because [A.S.’] financial situation is not good right now and something has to happen,” Higa said. “I’m one of the most blunt people on Finance Board, and [this bill] is for people who are nervous to talk in front of the board.”

Not all members of the board agreed with Higa’s justification of the bill.

“I don’t understand why people can’t voice their opinions,” said Tasha Dunham, a fourth year sociology major and member of Finance Board. “If you know something is wrong about a budget that someone is proposing, you don’t have to put them on the spot, but you should still be responsible and double-check everything.”

Finance Board can issue a recommendation on the bill, but it is Leg Council who will ultimately choose to either pass or reject the bill.

Even with the concerns brought up by Higa’s bill, Finance Board still allocated its remaining budget of $1,556.25 to three on-campus groups.

The UCSB Computer Gaming Club received $300, pending Leg Council approval, to help host a LAN party, a gathering of computer gamers to play video games against each other on a local area network. The event will be held May 31 in the Santa Rosa Formal Lounge with an entry fee of $5 per person.

“A lot of people will be playing Counter-Strike or Warcraft III,” said Glenn Wyatt, second year business economics major and Computer Gaming Club co-president.

Continuing with the digital theme, the Digital Video Association received $500, pending Leg Council approval, to help pay for the cost of the Digital Film Festival.

“[The festival] is made for the artists, not just for the people who have money to make films,” said Joy Crouch, a fourth year film studies major and president of the Digital Video Association.

The Hip Hop Club put in a last-minute request for funds to help host a popping, or dance, contest in Storke Plaza May 31. Finance Board rejected the request because the organization did not file the necessary paperwork with the board in time.

“They’re right [to reject the request because of the last minute timing],” Elliot Gan, a fourth year psychology major and Hip Hop Club president said. “We’ve been going to different places trying to get money to put on this event.”

The $356.25 remaining after Finance Board gave money to the Computer Gaming Club and the Digital Video Association was disbursed to the Student Action Forum on the Middle East to help fund a lecture. The event, entitled “Occupied: Politics, Culture and Religion in the Modern Middle East,” will feature As’ad AbuKhalil, a professor at San JosŽ State University who specializes in the Middle East, and will take place May 21 at 5 p.m. in Embarcadero Hall.

After all of this year’s funds were allocated and debate of Higa’s bill were finished, Finance Board took some time to reflect on its work over the past year.

“I think people progressed as the year went on,” Manuel Silva, Finance Board chair, said after the meeting. “There were some good debates. I don’t think the people came together as much as before, because there was no retreat, but things got better at the end.”