Denim is in. Woo-hoo!

Make sure to plaster your cheeks in blush, douse your eyes with swanky liner, splash your lips with blood red lipstick – and don’t you dare forget to don that sailor outfit buried in the closet, because Turbonegro is back with a vengeance and a sneering giggle on their newest release, Scandinavian Leather.

Thank goodness for Turbonegro because I thought rock ‘n’ roll was a crippled, washed-up racetrack bookie. But no, I was dead wrong: It was just hibernating in Norway.

After six years of meandering in the frozen wilderness, Turbonegro offers Scandinavian Leather, a sweetly sharp and blistering album that will certainly add to the group’s perpetually growing Deathpunk saga. The astounding and raunchy sextet, secure in its masculinity, prefers strutting in denim and drag than onerous black leather. Denim beats the brainless meathead-leather-rock look in any hemisphere any day of the week. And maybe one could infer that wearing dungarees makes these guys play like thundering Norse gods.

Combining a vivacious, bristly and bizarre sex-obsessed humor with uncompromising machismo, Turbonegro propels all five senses to an orgiastic flurry of euphoria (or disgust) on Leather. It’s a rawkus roller coaster ride without seatbelts. All aboard!

The catalyst for Turbonegro to reassemble may have germinated from Queens of the Stone Age’s snarling, rocking cover of “Back to Dungaree High” in 2001. Playing sidekick to QOTSA for the band’s first road trip in the States since 1997 in March and April may help Turbonegro continue trekking the right track.

Old Turbonegro road trips made Guns N’ Roses look like Tibetan monks on Spring Break. Violence, booze and bad luck can kill anyone’s good looks. Now, the band’s calmed down a few notches to find its medium. Purgatory isn’t so bad after all.

[Eliav Appelbaum can’t find his sailor outfit but he does have a rather intimidating pirate costume.]