Held at the Goleta Union School District Office, Monday night’s Goleta City Council meeting included presentations on the rehabilitation of Goleta Beach, as well as the future agenda of the city’s financial responsibilities.

Santa Barbara County 2nd District Supervisor Susan Rose presented the council with the city of Santa Barbara’s future strategies to preserve the condition of Goleta Beach. Rose added that while Goleta Beach was outside the city’s boundaries, it would still be in the interest of Goleta residents to contribute to its recovery.

“Goleta Beach is a primary recreation area for Goleta community members, drawing roughly 1.5 million visitors annually,” Rose said. “It has suffered a significant amount of erosion, especially over the last 10 years, and is an important place to restore so that future generations can enjoy its use.”

According to Rose, future plans to improve Goleta Beach will include public information programs scheduled to be held in late June and early July, the removal of on-site fences scheduled before Memorial Day weekend, and the addition of more sand to the beach. Rose encouraged the council to participate in the upcoming events, and perhaps to consider contributing funding.

In addition, the council members discussed their goals and financial allocations for the upcoming year. One of the first things to be accomplished is the recruitment of new personnel, Assistant City Manager Luci Romero Serlet said. Serlet emphasized the creation of many specialized positions in order to help the city with upcoming improvements.

“We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a corporate structure which enhances and protects our finances,” City Manager Fred Stouder said. “This is the time to show us if you have the resources and the personnel to get the job done.”