When Peanut Butter Wolf started making beats, I was eatin’ them raw out of a Gerber jar. Some things never change. The versatile, world-renowned DJ, producer and founder of Stones Throw Records is still holding it down – and shit keeps getting doper every year.

Wolf created Stones Throw not long after the tragic 1993 death of his MC counterpart, Charizma. His self-produced debut My Vinyl Weighs a Ton has maintained wide acclaim since its 1998 release. And the label now houses some of the most innovative artists in the indie hip hop world today. From young turntablist phenom A-Trak, to the 805-famed Lootpack to the funky, live throwback group Breakestra, Wolf’s label is thriving. In particular, Wolf digs the work of Madlib, the insanely underrated beat conductor who releases scores of delicious beats – so many, in fact, that they spill over to various pseudonyms.

The label also plays host to a growing number of old, rare funk reissues, some contained on the highly successful compilations Funky 16 Corners and Peanut Butter Wolf’s Jukebox 45s.

Fresh off a recent appearance at Coachella, his DJ set on Friday won’t be your typical dancefloor mayhem. He urges you to keep an open mind. “Expect the unexpected is usually what I say, cuz I just love a lotta different styles of music.” But trust that an array of dopeness will protrude out the speakers. Wolf’s looking forward to the event. “I’m gonna give back what Santa Barbara has given to me, through the Lootpack, through Madlib…”

If his recent contributions to the hip hop world, whether as producer or label exec, foretell anything at all, hip hop heads are in good hands. “It’s really an exciting time for me,” says a cheery-sounding Wolf. “I’ve worked pretty hard for years and years and I’ve been really frustrated. But I’m really looking forward to the [future].”

He then became more specific.

“Next year will be our year.”

As for me, Gerber foods still give me gas.