This year’s Fight Night competitors are weighed in and ready to get it on.

Pi Kappa Alpha held a weigh-in at Giovanni’s in Isla Vista on Wednesday night for its 12th annual Fight Night, which will take place in the Events Center on Friday at 7 p.m. Eighteen fighters stepped onto the scales, the lightest checking in at 144 pounds, the heaviest at 222 pounds. The nine bouts will last three rounds each, a minute and a half per round.

All proceeds will benefit the Say Yes to Kids Foundation, a youth boxing club based in Santa Barbara. The event drew over 3,500 people last year.

Event coordinator and Pike member Bill London said some of the fighters are students at UCSB, Santa Barbara City College and Cal Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, while others are not students.

“We’ve always tried to take all comers,” London said. “Usually we go to the fraternities first to see if anyone wants to fight.”

London also said the level of boxing experience varies widely among the fighters.

“The majority have only been training for about a month,” he said. “But some guys think they’re tough guys and they are out to show how tough they are.”

Club 634, Gold’s Gym and Santa Barbara Bank & Trust are the main sponsors of the event.