Editor, Daily Nexus,

The Daily Nexus has recently published some stories and opinion articles regarding the Isla Vista Master Plan. For those Gauchos that are unsure about I.V.’s Master Plan, it is a process that seeks to make I.V. more hospitable and enjoyable for its long-term residents, student residents, business owners and landowners. Progress from meetings, community workshops, research and a design process have been accumulated and articulated into a moderately thick booklet called the I.V. Interim Draft Master Plan. The I.V. Project Area Committee (PAC) is comprised of 13 unpaid representatives, all of whom have diverse interests but collectively and deliberately make decisions regarding each topic that is specified in the Interim Draft Master Plan. Any decisions that the PAC makes must be during a public meeting where the public can provide their concerns and constructive input. The PAC’s next meeting will be held on Saturday at I.V. Elementary School. It may seem like a pain in the ass, but your input actually does make a difference. I currently hold a position on I.V. PAC as I.V. Residential Tenants’ Representative. I am offering those who cannot attend the meetings to send me a brief e-mail that clearly states your questions, concerns or requests. This way, I hope to be closer to those I am representing.

Lastly, some Gauchos and I.V. residents have bitched and made personal accusations about an individual on the PAC. Their opinions and concerns are acceptable because public input is an important cornerstone of the process. However, I would like those individuals to make a good empirical argument that supports their accusations.

Anyone interested in more information can contact me at jmarek@umail.ucsb.edu.