A Santa Barbara City College student suffered head injuries in an apparently unprovoked attack early Friday morning on Del Playa Drive.

Ian Gililland, 20, was admitted to Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital with a two-centimeter laceration above his right eyebrow, a chipped tooth, swelling of and around his right eye and a scrapped left elbow. He told police he had been drinking “less than a case, but more than a few [beers]” before the incident took place and did not see his assailant or assailants.

According to a police report, Gililland remembers being struck twice, then awakening with friends Garrett Miller, 19, Dustin Kathol, 19, and Amaryah Curnutt, 19, standing over him.

Miller told police he was at a party on Abrego Road when he received a call shortly after midnight that Gililland had been hurt. He drove to DP, helped Gililland into his car and drove him to the hospital where Gililland underwent a CT scan.

Curnutt and Kathol, who were visiting Isla Vista on Spring Break from Seattle, told police they did not see or hear the assault take place.

Curnutt said Gililland received a number of stitches when admitted to the hospital.

“Ian’s doing better now, the swelling in his eye has gone down,” Curnutt said.

Kathol said that Gililland looked pretty bad when he saw him the next morning with six or seven stitches in his right eyebrow.

“[Isla Vista] is not a place I would want to live, but the people who live there probably wouldn’t want to live in Washington,” Kathol said. “My whole perception of that place is kind of sketchy; I wouldn’t have wanted to get separated like Ian did.”

Ian Gililland could not be reached for comment.