Before you even crack open the case to listen to Fischerspooner, you’ve most likely already been assaulted with phrases like “New York’s hottest,” “electroclash” and “’80s synth pop,” which are, in fact, all applicable terms. However, there is a great reward waiting for anyone who checks their bias at the door and just listens. On their aptly-titled debut album #1, Fischerspooner draw from a deep pool of influences, certainly including (but not limited to) ’80s electronic masters Depeche Mode and Thomas Dolby, unveiling a hypnotizing hybrid of the finest techno beats with stunningly catchy melodies.

The whole album shines for its simultaneous fluidity and diversity, but there are definitely tracks that sparkle more than others. The natural stand-out (and obvious single) for its luscious danceablilty is “Emerge,” which features Lizzy Yoder’s ethereal vocals and finds itself remixed on a bonus track. Other repeat-worthy tracks are the bittersweet and beautiful “The 15th” or the resident groover “Natural Disaster,” which serves up a little more bounce for the ounce. Of course, you can only listen to those tracks if you can tear yourself away from “Turn On” which is just oozing with confidence and pomp.

All in all, this album offers solid greatness. Check out Fischerspooner if you’re into Ladytron, Crossover, Miss Kittin or if you hold a special affection for ’80s electro-synth. You will not be disappointed.

[Sara Ferracone wants to know why the hell you’re staring at the bunnies on her chest.]