Editor, Daily Nexus,

Thank you for your article “Environmentalists Attack Bush Policy” (Associated Press, Jan. 17). I felt it was extremely relevant, as President Bush’s environmental policy affects Santa Barbara directly, not only air quality, but in threats to local wilderness.

Also, as Josh Braun and Stephanie McCoy pointed out in their opposing editorials last year, nearby Los Padres National Forest has been examined by the Forest Service as a source of oil. Los Padres offers five to 10 days’ worth. Surely this is not reason enough to encroach on the habitat of the 20 threatened and endangered species (including the California condor, San Joaquin kit fox and brush rabbit) that live there.

California’s Forest Service Web page, region five, has unreliable access and the Los Padre site (www.r5fs.fed.us/lospadres) does not mention the oil exploration.

Negligence and poor management, anyone?

Anyone who cares about what is going on with California’s national forests needs to contact the service and bug them, at . I urge you, flood their mailbox. How are we supposed to find out what they plan to do to Los Padres National Forest, or any of California’s wilderness?

It is disturbing that one has to delve so deeply for new, clear information about what the administration is doing. I am not against Republicans, and we obviously need sources of energy, but simply raising the fuel efficiency standards for SUVs would conserve oil dramatically. Drilling for a few days’ or months’ worth of oil is a waste of money and irreplaceable wilderness. Destroying the forests and lowering standards for air and water is not Republican – it’s just stupid. I have never heard of Republicans rallying around pollution. “We… want…dirty air! Yeah!” Right. I suppose a few Exxon Mobil managers could cash in briefly as we all suffocate from inhaling ozone, particulate matter and hydrogen sulfide.

Bikers, pedestrians, bus riders, carpoolers, applaud yourselves for making our air breathable. We know to use recycled paper, reuse plastic bags, but do we always do this? What’s that beer can doing there? Why is that newspaper in the trash can?

In our own Isla Vista, Adopt-A-Block has been quietly cleaning up approximately 7,000 pounds of trash every quarter, and they need our help (www.ivparks.org/adopt.html). No time like the present to take action! This is our home. Let’s make sure it lasts a long time.