Do you love I.V. or IVFP?

Do you want to plaster it all over your clothes so the whole world knows how much you love your little beachside corner of Santa Barbara? One UCSB alum has made that desire possible.

Former UCSB student Jen Blair is the founder and executive president of Isla Vista Lovin’, a company that sells shirts bearing “I love I.V.,” “I love IVFP” and other slogans that make light of I.V. life.

“I started [the company] because I loved living in Isla Vista and wanted to create a product that showed my love for the community,” Blair said. “I wanted to offer a more enjoyable and humorous approach to the party scene.”

Blair said she has sold over 300 T-shirts to UCSB and SBCC students who live in the I.V. community. Despite the popularity of her product, Blair said she has barely broken even in comparison with all the time, money and effort she has invested into the company.

“Most people who live in Isla Vista are down to earth and fun people,” she said. “I wanted to reflect that, and the shirts give people a greater opportunity to represent and have pride for Isla Vista.”

Staffing this enterprise includes senior psychology major Amanda Reynolds, who runs I.V. Lovin’ publicity; junior business economics major George Voskanian, who heads sales; and undeclared freshman Brad Hubbard, webmaster and the company’s newest member. Currently, Blair is passing ownership over to Voskanian and Hubbard, although she plans to continue overseeing the company.

“I got involved with I.V. Lovin’ because I think it’s a pretty unique opportunity to work with an upstart company run by college students making stuff for college students,” Hubbard said.

Blair said she hopes that I.V. Lovin’ stays a local institution.

“My goal is for the people of Isla Vista to run the company for the rest of time,” Blair said.

I.V. Lovin’ has recently collaborated with IVTV and are now selling both I.V. Lovin’ shirts and IVTV episodes on video from all three seasons of IVTV at . Blair said she plans to expand to sweatshirts and more T-shirt designs in the future.