Editor, Daily Nexus,

I suggest that in the future you try to make sure that what you allow to be printed in your paper makes at least some sense. The main point in your staff editorial (Daily Nexus, “Go to Hell,” Jan. 22) makes your paper look very foolish.

It was pointed out that Ward Connerly is behind the initiative that was formerly called the Racial Privacy Initiative and that, “if the UCSA [UC Student Association] didn’t have its head up its ass,” it might realize that this initiative is more important than Connerly’s comments. Opposition to the initiative formerly known as RPI is one of three action agenda items that was chosen as the focus of the UCSA’s advocacy efforts for this year. This was voted upon in August at the UCSA Congress at UC Irvine.

Connerly’s comments involving segregation are directly related to this, therefore it makes perfect sense for the UCSA to demand an apology as part of a campaign to derail his agenda, which is sure to be destructive to the UC system. I have also sent this letter, along with the link to your article, to a few other school newspapers. Thank you for your time, and for allowing anyone, even persons undereducated on the issues, to publish in your paper.