Editor, Daily Nexus,

The only point on which I could find agreement with the handful of war protesters and pacifists on the central coast is that war should be avoided at all costs on the North American continent.

War is not a pretty sight. Warriors are trained to destroy the enemies and property, and kill or maim as many of the enemies as possible. Ask New Yorkers, Pentagon workers and the families of those killed on four airplanes what a war is like.

We are a free nation and our way of life offers boundless opportunity. The cost of this freedom is that many nations that do not share our beliefs want to destroy us. Many attack our symbols and people abroad, and will try to attack our homeland.

It seems that Muslim-led nations and clans are the most adamant about seeking our destruction right now.

The philosophy of the war protester – to criticize our government – is flawed and illogical. In order to preserve the peace we must maintain the best-equipped, strongest and best-trained military force that any government can provide, and be prepared to use it!

War waged on the North American continent cannot be allowed to occur at any cost! The only way to prevent a war at home is to continue encouraging the military-industrial complex to develop more sophisticated and accurate weapons and then take the war to those who mistakenly believe that they can conquer us.

My sign will say, “No War – in America!”