At which national monument did Martin Luther King, Jr. give his famous “I have a dream” speech? A) the Jefferson Monument; B) the Lincoln Monument; C) the White House; or D) the Washington Monument.

To find out, log on to a commemorative website in his honor.

Sen. Barbara Boxer has announced the launching of her “Martin Luther King, Jr. 2003″Web page, which is designed to honor the life and accomplishments of Dr. King. The Web page features a timeline of Dr. King’s life, his writings and speeches, his biography and listings of various events that are being held in his honor in California.

The Web page, which can also be accessed through Boxer’s Senate home page, is one of many feature pages that Boxer produces annually to honor different events such as Black History Month, Earth Day and Caesar Chavez Day.

“Each year, I launch a special Web page honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. and his legacy,” Boxer said. “I take pride in launching feature pages throughout the year to commemorate holidays and recognize the accomplishments of Americans who have made a tremendous impact on our nation.”

The site also has links to the King Center, which was established in 1968 by Dr. King’s widow, Coretta Scott King, and other commemorative websites.

The Web page can be found at

– Jennifer B. Siverts