Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am a student at UCSB. I am also a person who likes to exercise and lift weights, just as many other students do at UCSB. The problem is not mine and other students motivation to stay fit but rather the lacking size and amount of equipment at the UCSB gym. It is an everyday nightmare when you walk into the gym and see the extremely overcrowded nature of the gym. Not only are all of the four treadmills filled up, but the weight room is also always filled to the brim with UCSB students.

With the growing size of the UCSB population, I ask why is there not a bigger gym to accommodate such a large population? It is my belief that students are discouraged from taking care of themselves due to the overcrowded situation in the gym. Constantly waiting for machines, treadmills and other facilities have serious consequences on motivation to get in there and work out, and working out is one of the best things a student can do for his or her body.

We, as students of UCSB, come here and pay our tuition to hopefully receive the benefits of a great school such as UCSB. However, the situation in the gym is inexcusable, as it is not nearly large enough to house such a large campus population. It needs to be expanded, and there is definitely ample space in which to do this. I ask for your support in changing the nightmare that is the UCSB gym by handing in your complaints to the gym and just letting your voice be heard.