Isla Vistans who want to be nice to themselves can ask to be on a police list to keep the naughty out of their apartments this holiday season.

The Isla Vista Foot Patrol is encouraging all residents leaving the area for the winter vacation period to come into the IVFP office and fill out a vacation check form, which is a request for deputies to routinely check up on residences during the break.

IVFP Lt. Tom McKinny said that students should come prepared to the IVFP office with information such as the dates they will be gone, a phone number they can be contacted if there are any problems and the names of any persons who have permission to be on the premises during the break.

“[Residents] should give us any information so if we do find anything out of the ordinary, we can contact them or someone locally to deal with the problem,” he said.

Deputies will check each registered residence approximately two to three times per week for any disturbances to the property, McKinny said.

“We don’t necessarily find burglars breaking into homes, however we do discover open windows and unlocked doors,” he said. “In these cases, we can contact the resident and get the situation resolved.”

During the period of Sept. 10 to Nov. 3 this year, there have been 23 reported residential burglaries in I.V.

“A lot of those are burglaries that occur during a party,” McKinny said. “However, it’s safe to say that using extra cautionary measures will minimize your chance of being burglarized.”

The IVFP office is located at 6546 Pardall Rd. and the phone number is 681-4179.