In its final meeting of the quarter, Legislative Council allocated money to a UCSB fraternity for an upcoming charity event, passed a resolution opposing the county outdoor furniture ordinance and finally passed a bill to amend the Associated Students Program Board Code.

An emergency action item was added to the agenda of the meeting to include a request from Sigma Phi Epsilon for $500 to host a charity event that would benefit the Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center. Normally, A.S. Finance Board is responsible for allocating funds to student groups and Legislative Council would approve of the allocation. Since neither Finance Board nor Leg Council will meet next week, Finance Board Chair Manuel Silva requested in a letter to Leg Council that it allocate and approve the funds to Sigma Phi Epsilon.

The funds would be used to pay for the cost of renting Isla Vista Theater to house the event. Sorority sisters from participating houses will be contestants in a talent show. Travis Heard, a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon who represented the fraternity at the meeting, said all proceeds will go the Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center. Leg Council approved the allocation of $500 to the fraternity.

Leg Council also passed a resolution opposing the pending county outdoor furniture ordinance. The ordinance would prohibit indoor furniture from being outdoors.

“There has been a long line of questionable decisions that the university and county have made… This was another thing. It’s private property, people want to put out their couches and such they’re saying, ‘No, you can’t.'” Off-campus Representative Anthony Flores said.

In older business, the fourth time was a charm for a bill to amend the current Program Board Code. Leg Council passed the bill, which would update the Program Board Code to better reflect what the board currently does. Previous versions of the bill were tabled and delayed because of the need for further revision and because of typos.

A different item of older business was not as lucky as the Program Board amendment. The approval of the UCSA Budget for 2002-03 was tabled because the author, External Vice President of Statewide Affairs Isabel Millan, could not be present at the meeting.

Leg Council will reconvene the first week of Winter Quarter.