Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am writing this in response to “The Reader’s Voice: If I don’t Mind When Someone Grabs My Ass, Why Should You?” Daily Nexus, Nov. 18, 2002.

You dumbass. Just because one girl grabbed your ass don’t mean it’s all right for you to go and grab the ass of any girl. That doesn’t even mean it’s all right for you to grab the ass of the girl who grabbed your ass! Ladies, beware of men with such vengeful, hurtful, erroneous logic.

We may never know the real reasons why, but I think it is fair to say that society is correct in teaching that more than half the time, men are the ass-grabbing predators. Boys are the sexual predators and girls the victims – not always, but at least more than half of the time.

You’re right: “There is no difference between a guy harassing a girl and a girl harassing a guy” and men probably don’t like harassment either, but David Gabby, your wisdom ends there.

You not only brushed off harassment as a “compliment,” but you carelessly threw around statements like, “Women, on the other hand, go around prancing like little angles, violating males, but once they are violated, they scream foul.”

It is because people exist who think in such ways that racism and sexism and many forms of discrimination exist. People die every day because they think: X is a member of a whole set of people; that means that the whole set of people must be like X. OR: David Gabby is a member of the male gender; that means that all males must be like David Gabby.

Let me be the first to say that even though there are some men that would think like the aforementioned writer, NOT ALL men are dumbasses. Many of us males agree with David Gabby that double standards should not exist (i.e., both male and female produced harassment is wrong), but we do not go as far as warping the “do unto others” rule into an ass-grabbing free for all.