Editor, Daily Nexus,

Let’s laugh at those wanting justice and respect from a world that pushes to deny them of those assets. Besides, it makes a good editorial.

Let’s get our facts straight. The non-Western culture requirement is not being replaced by anything – it’s being taken away. This proposed revision calls for action from students who are actually interested in their education and livelihood. For those of you who do not understand this bigger picture, allow me to explain this so-called “flimsy, lame argument” to you. One-third of the people that you interact with on this campus are from non-Western civilizations. When these students go into their history, political science, literature, sociology, economics and art history classes, they are being taught mainly Western thought. The non-Western culture requirement is one of the only links that this third of the campus has to learning about their own cultures and history. This requirement is also one of the only ways students of a Western culture would be forced to learn about other cultures. Would you honestly be able to stand in front of me and say that you would walk into a class on Islamic history simply because you were interested in it? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Here’s another reason there needs to be a push for the retention of the requirement: “Someone with racist beliefs will more likely ignore the material presented in an ethnic studies course than suddenly see the light and spread his or hers arms wide for diversity” (“G.E., I Wonder,” Daily Nexus, Nov. 15, 2002). It’s opinions like this and people like you who make me and my fellow colleagues have to push harder toward some attainable level of justice. You blatantly admit that there are students with racist minds on this campus. This one requirement is one of our only ways to educate your asses so that statements like these will never be made.

The coalition of students that was formed was created in reaction to the San Nicolas hate incident, which occurred before the notion of the G.E. requirement was brought to us. The G.E. revision is just one of our many tactics aiming toward the “bigger point” or “bigger issue” which is racism. In essence you’re right: “The proposed changes reek of a bigger issue at hand besides old white men wanting to perpetuate their old white history.” Here’s what really matters: The proposed changes reek of a bigger issue besides young Nexus writers wanting to perpetuate their biased opinions into their readers’ minds.