Editor, Daily Nexus,

Halloween was an amazing night here in Isla Vista. The streets were jam packed with unique costumes and very unique people. Thousands of people jammed together. Walking the streets, my body squeezed between two others; I felt like I was in a rock concert. It was like a huge block party. All of a sudden, in the midst of this excitement, I felt my ass squeezed hard by some girl behind me. By the time I looked back she and her friend walked off to the side and started giggling. At the moment, I thought nothing of it, and I just brushed it off as a compliment.

However, when I look back at this episode, I only wonder what would have happened if it were the other way around. What if I was the one to squeeze that girl’s ass? I’m sure it wouldn’t have gone unnoticed in the same manner. If a guy squeezes a girl’s ass she often slaps him, and screams or claims sexual harassment. Why is it that all these girls get away with mild sexual harassment and guys don’t?

It is because society has taught us that men are always sexual predators, and women are always the helpless prey. I think it’s absurd how society views women as the innocent little pretty ones that are the victims of disgusting sick men. There is no difference between a guy harassing a girl and a girl harassing a guy. It seems that when men are privately surveyed whether or not they’ve experienced unwanted sexual attention, a relatively high percentage of them say yes (approaching the percentage of women). However, the percentage is a lot lower (but still significant) when only the number of formal complaints is considered (www.vix.com/pub/men/harass/studies/larsen.html).

Women are just as much responsible for minor sexual advances towards men as men are to them. It’s just that men don’t care enough to make a big scene out of it (and in many cases enjoy it). Women on the other hand go around prancing like little angels, violating males, but once they are violated, they scream foul. You should expect the same treatment from both sides, and that is how ideally it should be. Do unto others as others do unto you; that’s what I always say. So ladies, if you’re going to be out there squeezing asses, then don’t be surprised when your ass gets squeezed.