The 2002 class of Isla Vista restaurants all made the grade on their health inspections reports, though inspectors did mark some down for dirty countertops, warm food and fruit flies.

A review of Santa Barbara County Food Facility inspection reports for nine I.V. restaurants revealed no major health violations, but numerous infractions categorized as “minor.” The most common infractions involved food storage temperature and the cleanliness of countertops where food is prepared.

Among the establishments with a temperature infraction was Sam’s To Go, located on Pardall Road. According to an inspection report from mid-October, roast beef and guacamole in the top wells of the restaurant’s sandwich preparation unit were measured at 47 degrees, six degrees above the allowable temperature of 41 degrees.

According to the report, the problem was corrected when Mehrdad Homayouni, owner/operator of Sam’s, adjusted his walk-in refrigerator to a lower temperature.

“We had a few minor problems, but everything has been taken care of,” Homayouni said.

County inspectors will perform a recheck to ensure that Sam’s has corrected all of its infractions, which included storing food items less than six inches off the ground, dirtiness of floors and fruit flies observed near the beer taps. Having conducted business in the same location for 17 years, Homayouni said he was confident that the recheck would go smoothly.

“After all these years, we know what we have to get done, and how to get it done,” he said.

SB County Environmental Health Specialist Kerry Drit said full compliance is the norm for most rechecks.

“We try to work with people, and they generally work with us,” she said. “Owners obviously want to avoid a closure of any kind, so that kind of situation is pretty rare.”

Other I.V. restaurants awaiting rechecks are Rosarito, where a September inspection found three minor infractions including insufficient sneeze guard protection over the salsa bar, and Woodstock’s, found guilty in October of 10 minor violations, including counters that were not smooth and easily cleaned.

Among the establishments receiving infraction-free reports were Javan’s, D