World record holder Pierre Doré travels across the United States and Canada in his Green Machine, leaving trails of postcards describing him and his accomplishments in his wake.

Recumbent cyclist Doré holds a world record for riding from Victoria, British Columbia to St. John’s, Newfoundland – a 5,020 mile journey – in only 65 days. He is currently stopping in Santa Barbara on a mission to promote the construction of bicycle trails.

Doré’s postcards feature a picture of him standing next to his custom-built recumbent bicycle, which he affectionately refers to as La Machine Verte, or The Green Machine. Recumbent bicycles differ from standard bicycles in that their frame forces the cyclist to ride in a more reclined position.

“[Recumbent bicycles] are much more efficient. It enables me to ride for 12 hours a day,” Doré said.

Doré has built recumbent bicycles for 17 years, and he spent approximately two years working on The Green Machine.

“His bike has quite a few aesthetic touches,” said Steve Daner, a senior law and society/history major and employee of the Associated Students Bike & Skate Shop.

Made from a wooden frame and painted bright green, Doré’s cycle attracts not only the attention of fellow cyclists, but also major television producers. The Discovery Channel covered Doré and The Green Machine on its “Weird Wheels” show.

Currently, Doré travels to promote the construction of the Trans Canada Trail. After completion of the trail – which will extend for approximately 11,122 miles – it will be the longest of its kind in North America.

“The idea of one trail going through Canada really promotes connection. It will reach thousands of communities. For instance, if your father lives on the same trail you live on, even if he is three provinces to the left, you are still on the same trail. You are still connected to him. Such a trail would be difficult to coordinate in the United States, but it would definitely be possible,” said Elaine McDougall, marketing and public relations representative for the Trans Canada Trail Foundation.

In addition to promoting the Trans Canada Trail, Doré is pushing for the building of similar trails in the United States.

“I think that would be a really cool idea. Some friends and I had talked about doing something like that after high school, but we never did. It would be very cool to have something like it though,” Daner said.

After visiting the San Francisco Bicycle Confederation, Doré came to Santa Barbara.

“I quite like it here. I’ve been here for two weeks, but I could stay here for a few months,” Doré said.

Doré will be traveling to San Diego. He will visit the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce in an effort to create interest for building a trail across California.