Voting should be easy, and everyone should have his or her shot at being heard.

Proposition 52 would allow voters to register to vote on Election Day, the only day that it is almost impossible to forget about registering. It also strengthens laws against voter fraud, requiring that unregistered voters who want to vote on Election Day show valid identification and proof of address at the polling place.

Opponents of this measure argue that it makes it easier for criminals and non-citizens to visit the polls. They also claim that it makes voter fraud extremely difficult to prove. Of course, under current law, no one needs to show any sort of I.D. when voting or registering to vote.

Barely over half of the eligible voters in California actually voted in last year’s elections. There seems to be little reason not to encourage more people to vote by making it much more accessible.

The only cost to taxpayers would be $6 million a year to cover the costs of Election Day registration and to train staff at the polls. Any money used to make it easier for people to vote is money well spent.

The Daily Nexus endorses Proposition 52.