Editor, Daily Nexus,

In response to Alice Shin’s article (“Daily Nexus Art Is More Insensitive Than It Is Amusing,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 29, 2002) about Rad Sechrist’s drawing, I would like to point out to you that Rad didn’t pull that drawing out of his butt.

As a matter of fact, that little Asian man is actually an incredibly famous cartoon character in Hong Kong. His Cantonese name, Dai Fan Shui, translates into “fat yam,” and he has a sidekick named Lo Fu Ji, or “master.”

Furthermore, he and Pikachu are kicking ass because that is what their cartoon characters do. Rad chose Dai Fan Shui because he thought the Asians on campus would appreciate seeing a character from their childhood.

Pikachu was added so that the focus would not entirely be on the Chinese culture. If you look at the drawing, the cartoon runs backwards just like a real Chinese comic does. So while you’re getting all huffy about a drawing, maybe you should spend your time at a local Chinese bookstore and pick up one of the thousands of copies of this supposedly racist comic book.

If you have any further complaints about this cute, fat Asian man, you can try writing his original creator. By the way, I am Rad’s girlfriend and I am 100 percent Chinese. Dai Fan Shui was my favorite cartoon character growing up, and I gave Rad the idea to draw him.